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The enormous growth that we experienced over the last 28 years reflects the significant expansion of our capabilities which includes obtaining CIDB G6 certificate for Fire Protection System.

Quality Service

We do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectation. Proven strong track record on project planning and execution with efficient and experienced project managers, engineers, technicians, on-field workforce capable of completing project within shortest time and on-job safety.

System Design Expertise

We provide high proficiency and efficiency in design, engineering and implementation of fire protection solution. With 28 years of experience and technical know-how on all types of active fire protection system.

Our History

Fire Control Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1990 with the intention of providing the latest fire protection technology with superior quality and efficient services to provide value to our customers. The founder of our company, who is also our Managing Director, Mr. Vincent Choo, has been actively involved in fire protection practices since the late 70s. After which, Mr. Vincent Choo is served as a Fire Protection Specialist. Later on, Mr. Vincent Choo started his second business which specializes in manufacturing and installation of high quality fire resistance roller shutters. In 1994, Shutters Control & Doors Manufacturer Sdn Bhd was formed.


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Fire Control Engineering Sdn Bhd Formed. 1990

Fire Control Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was established.

Shutters Control and Doors Manufacturer... 1994

Shutters Control & Doors Manufacturer Sdn Bhd was formed.

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